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  • 2014 - New Year with a Bang

    As the Uranus/Pluto square, which takes place seven times and covers a period from 2010 to 2016, moves slowly through Aries and Capricorn respectively, it reaches the degree where the Sun always is on New Year’s Eve – 10 degrees Capricorn. In other words, as 2014 begins, the sun constellates exactly with the extreme Uranus/Pluto square, marking out the year for something special.


    As if that wasn’t enough, it is a new moon, together with Mercury, so Sun, Moon, Mercury and Pluto are very close together. Furthermore, Mars is at 11 degrees Libra makes an exact square to Pluto. Personally I have never seen such a powerful, and potentially dangerous, aspect combination on New Year’s Eve.


    You could argue that this is just a short term influence, but a new moon always sets something in motion for the month ahead, so January is likely to be very challenging indeed. Furthermore, as many institutions and some countries have their beginning on January 1st, this aspect pattern is going to have huge political repercussions during the year. The focus is very much on the United Kingdom, and Europe, and also on the USA.


    So what is going to happen? Right now there is a Jupiter/Saturn trine which lasts until the end of May, which brings great growth prospects and reasonable political stability. A lot can be achieved. However into the summer and beyond the Uranus/Pluto square continues to be active, and this could mean that there is a resurgence of the economic crisis in the West at least. A third recession perhaps. It seems likely that the collective sigh of relief we hear at the moment over the prospect of an economic recovery, will turn into a groan.


     Of course, Uranus/Pluto is nothing if not completely unpredictable, and there could also be an unexpected and perhaps explosive event, and in this respect the last week of April looks especially tense, as retrograde Mars activates an exact Uranus>Jupiter>Pluto T-square. Everywhere there is tension now, like Syria and Egypt, it is likely to get considerably more unstable, unfortunately.


    The good thing about 2014 is that it is a year of opportunity for those who want to break the mold and do something, new, different and exciting. Life is short, and it is important to make the most of it. If there is a risk you have been thinking of taking, perhaps it is a good idea to take the leap.


    Adrian Ross Duncan.