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    A couple of years ago, the countries of the Middle East were in a state of euphoria, as the people rose up against dictatorial rulers and revolutions transformed the political life of the region. Now springtime has reversed itself and these countries find themselves back in the winter of oppression. In Libya, where Gaddafi was murdered, armed militias create anarchy. In Egypt, the democratically elected Morsi government has been overthrown by the military – with the support of a large proportion of the population.  In Syria the hopes of a people longing for democracy have been hijacked by extreme Muslim groups, and they now find themselves on the losing side against the brutal autocracy of the Assad regime. In the newly independent South Sudan, there is civil war, as there is in the Central African Republic. Iraq is descending into even more brutal chaos, and who knows what is going to happen to Afghanistan when NATO leaves in 2014.


    What is going on?


    The answer can perhaps be found in the horoscope for the start of Islam, which is measured from July 16th 622, at 18.44 hrs. in Medina, Saudi Arabia, with the sun on the Descendant at 25.26 Cancer. This horoscope shows Neptune at 5 degrees Virgo in opposition to Jupiter at 5 Pisces, which illustrates a devout and ritualistic religion. Saudi Arabia, which is the central point of the Muslim faith, has Neptune at 8 Virgo, and the horoscopes for the Iraqi and Iranian revolutions in 1979 have Saturn at 8 Virgo too. Therefore the current transit of Neptune is in opposition to these placements, and there will be dissolution for some years to come.


    The next Saturn/Pluto conjunction takes place in 2020 at 23 Capricorn, which is exactly on the Saudi Arabia Sun, Jupiter and Saturn conjunction in its 1902 horoscope. This could be the culmination of a process, which will bring a power shift in the whole of the Middle East. It could be that the United States and Europe seem decadent and corrupt to devout Muslims, but the forces of change, reflected in the ubiquity of smart phones and the internet, is a democratizing force, which is as irresistible as a tsunami. In 2020 the Saturn/Jupiter conjunction takes place in Aquarius, heralding a new 200 year conjunction cycle that is beginning in Air. In 2024 Pluto enters Aquarius. Welcome to the power of the people.