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  • A Golden Ring

    Right now – 15th October 2014 – I just saw a nice story on the TV, which perfectly illustrates what happens when Mercury moves retrograde. Recently Mercury entered Scorpio, no doubt discovering all sorts of dark secrets. Currently it is going back into Libra, and the great thing about this is that it not only meets Venus… it also goes stationary in sextile to Jupiter, its natural partner. That is going to be great for partnership for Mercury and Jupiter-ruled signs.

    But here’s the story. A young lady was using her metal detector in a field, when she discovered a gold ring. Engraved on the ring was the first name of a woman and her marriage date. The young lady embarked on some research (Mercury in Scorpio?) until she located an 80-year old lady, whose husband had lost the ring in a compost heap about 30 years previously. So she was reunited with a ring thought lost forever.

    This is the story of Mercury retrograding through Libra, the sign of marriage, to first conjoin the Sun – the gold – and then Venus, the marriage ring. Astrology is magic!