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  • The Galactic Center

    Readers may recall the recent visit of Angela Merkel, Francois Hollande and Putin in Moscow on February 6th? As these three world leaders were sitting alone around the round table, I wondered what the odds are for this:
    Merkel: Mars 26.34 Sagittarius
    Hollande: Mars 26.49 Sagittarius
    Putin: Mars 26.31 Sagittarius

    ... all within 18 minutes of each other on the Galactic Center at about 26.50 SG

     The Galactic Center is the rotational center of the Milky Way, and astrologically it could show to what higher purpose we are attuned. Brad Pitt for example has the Sun on the GC, and I will not forget his portrayal of half god/half man Achilles in the film “Troy”.

    I’m not a mathematician, and statistics are tricky, but as there are 360 degrees in the zodiac circle are the chances of having a specific planet at this point are 360 to one. The chances of three people working together would be in the millions. But that’s astrology for you.

    It seems that Merkel and Hollande are specifically attuned to understand Putin’s warlike impulses. Mars is his Ascendant ruler, so he embodies this idea of a Superman, and promotes this macho image of himself flying jets, driving sports cars, tranquilizing tigers… most of it all bare-chested. Russian women are wild about him.

    I am not, and you can read more about Putin on my Article section on


    23rd February 2015