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  • Predictions - Getting it wrong

    Well - the UK elections results are in, and guess what? The Conservative leader David Cameron was re-elected, and the Labour leader Ed Miliband has resigned, as has the Nick Clegg. This is – er – not what your astrologer predicted. I did predict a crisis for the Liberal leader Nick Clegg, but basically I was wrong about the result. And that’s OK. You have to get it wrong sometimes, so you can learn to get it right later. Astrology is not a science, it is very complex, and anyway – who wants to see predictions come right all the time?


    In retrospect, there were the factors that influenced me in the wrong direction. With Pluto transiting in exact square to Cameron’s Sun in Libra, I reasoned that his alliance with the Lib Dems and Nick Clegg would be destroyed. I was right about that – the Conservatives have won an absolute majority, so they do not need to make a coalition at all. I also reasoned that Pluto transiting Miliband’s MC would give him power, but it did the opposite – it took power away from him. So for lovers of astrology, don’t despair – there is nothing wrong with astrology, but the astrologer…


    Over the next days and weeks, Mercury will go retrograde, meet Mars and square Neptune, and this is a chaotic astrological signature. Perhaps it signals problems ahead for Cameron, who with a razor-thin majority may find himself overly influenced by rebels in his own party.