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  • Greece and the EU

    The deadlock between Greece and the EU about austerity seems to be reflected by the two big planetary players – Jupiter and Saturn – forming the square aspect. An extraordinary heavenly drama is being played out, and all you have to do is to look up on the Western horizon just after sunset here in July.

    There you will see an incredibly bright Venus right next to Jupiter in Leo. Just as proud as the Greek leadership. Venus will move into Virgo but go retrograde at 0 Virgo to conjoin Jupiter one more time. This also means that Venus squares Saturn twice, and Saturn in Scorpio is there to ensure that debts are paid.

    So despite the incredible promise of the conjunction of the two benefics, Venus and Jupiter, the fact that they run into Saturn means they cannot have the happiness they dream of. A price has to be paid. Put simply, the hopes of the Greek people are represented by Venus and Jupiter, whilst the austerity policies of the EU and the IMF are represented by Saturn.

    Both will change their approach. When Jupiter moves into Virgo in August, a sensible repayment policy will be discussed. When Saturn turns direct and reenters Sagittarius in September, the EU and IMF will soften up and be more generous. Saturn and Jupiter go on to aspect Neptune, so rules and principles will have to be flexible.

    Of course, it could be argued that when Jupiter moves into Virgo, Greece moves into exile (leaving the EU), but that may be a rather drastic view.

    It is quite likely that all these issues are resolved as Venus moves retrograde and direct, finally entering Virgo in October, where Venus conjoins Jupiter once more. Quite honestly it looks like Greece will eat humble pie and the referendum Greece's Leo Prime Minister Tsipras called on Sunday July 5th will be a short-lived moment of glory.