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  • The Human Flood

    Welcome to Neptune in Pisces, and welcome to the flood, which is taking place as Jupiter in Virgo makes the exact opposition to Neptune here in mid-September 2015. And refugees from godforsaken lands like Syria, Eritrea and Afghanistan pour over the European borders, overwhelming efforts to register, contain and control them.


    At the same time, something miraculous is taking place in the hearts and minds of people all over Europe. Groups, spontaneously formed on the Internet, are swamped with donations and people all over Europe are picking up refugees to help them on the way to Germany and Sweden.


    This is the flood of compassion related to Neptune in Pisces and the Jupiter opposition, which takes place every 13 years.  At the same time, Saturn, which has been has been retrograding into Scorpio, returned on September 18th to Sagittarius. This wandering back and forth over the sign borders has happened synchronistically with the stream of refugees, and their dangerous plight and many deaths as they have crossed the sea, or been inhumanely transported by smugglers.


    At the time of writing. September 14th 2015, Hungary has announced the completion of a fence on the border to Serbia, and refugees have streamed through in the days prior to the closing of their border. Germany, overwhelmed by tens of thousands of new arrivals over the open borders, has stopped trains entering from Hungary to Germany. So welcome to Saturn also, whose job it is to guard borders.


    Whilst the Jupiter/Neptune opposition opened up the floodgates, Saturn will now try to close them again. Success will be limited, because when Saturn meets Neptune, as it does three times from November 2015 to September 2016, there will be leaks. The sea will reach the walls of the sandcastle, flow around, under or over, and more refugees will stream in, as they will over the next ten years.


    As nations try to seal their borders there will be many tragic stories. But no one should forget that the flow of people displaced by forces greater than they could control brought out some equally great force amongst many who witnessed the flood – and that was the tsunami of compassion and solidarity for their fellow human beings. That is the meaning of Neptune in Pisces – we are all in the same inflatable dinghy.

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