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    The dying gasp of religious fanaticism in the form of Daesh terrorism was seen in Paris on Friday 13th November, and what can you say; what can you write? This perhaps: the medieval nihilism of extreme Muslim fundamentalism is like a shark hauled onto a fishing boat. Very dangerous, but not long to live. Just like the Khmer Rouge in Cambodia 40 years ago, who killed millions of their own citizens, Daesh will also die out, because it carries the seeds of its own destruction within in.


    Unfortunately the immediate future is very likely to bring the demonization of refugees, who themselves are fleeing Daesh, the increase of surveillance by CCTV and on the internet, and some pretty heavy retaliation from France and international coalitions, which will deplete resources that could have been used so much better on other things, like removing the root causes of terrorism.


    For those who have studied the horoscope for 21.10 on this fateful night in Paris, when the first act of terrorism was perpetrated, it will probably be very surprising to see a horoscope that does not clearly reveal the horror. With Cancer rising and the moon at 15 Sagittarius in the 5th house, it almost looks like a party… but then people were in fact partying. It is true that the Sun and Mercury are in Scorpio, which can be rather heavy, but the sextile to Jupiter looks quite harmless. It is also true that Saturn is square Neptune, which dies reflect tragic conditions, but this is an aspect that lasts 8 months. Also, Venus in Libra precisely sextile Saturn hardly indicates anything bad.


    So what is the astrological signature for this terrible event? You have to drill down deeper. The sun at 21 Scorpio is actually exactly at the direct midpoint of Mars and Pluto – and it also makes a septile (part of a seven-pointed star) to both planets. So the Sun in Scorpio sandwiched between Mars and Pluto is truly a combination that brings death and destruction. Mars septile Pluto happens seven times every two years or so, but to have the Sun also septile must be a very rare occurrence indeed. Furthermore, the Sun is square the Saturn/Neptune midpoint.


    If anyone is familiar with the Storming of the Bastille horoscope for revolutionary France (14th July 1789 starting at 10.30 LMT) then they will know that the Ascendant for this event is 0.08 Libra. And the 5th Republic horoscope for France (5th October 1958 at 0.00 Paris) has the IC at 0.29 Libra. So in fact Mars, which had just entered Libra on the evening of this fateful Friday 13th was on the Ascendant and IC of these horoscopes.


    Of course it can be difficult to completely rely on the “horoscope” for a country, which is really a series of evolutionary moments, and it is often more rewarding to look at its leader – Francois Hollande. Here the picture becomes clear: Uranus was at 17.15 Aries last Friday and exactly square Hollande’s Moon in Capricorn (17.29) and Jupiter in Cancer (17.42). A shocking event was predictable at this time in fact. And what is completely predictable is that – as Pluto in Capricorn moves to conjoin his Moon in the 9th house from April 2016 to November 2017 – he and France will be engaged in a life-and-death struggle with international terrorism.


    Adrian Ross Duncan 15th November 2015