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  • Golden Circle FAQ Can I ask a specific question and get an accurate answer?
    - Yes. Our astrologers are all “horary” astrologers, which means they are trained to make a horoscope for the moment they read the question, which is possible to interpret very accurately.

    Are the astrologers good at what they do?
    - They are some of the best in the world. Some have worked for over 20 years with horary astrology. They have taught at courses worldwide and written authoritative books on the subject.

    Can I choose the astrologer?
    - You cannot actually choose the astrologer, because the Golden Circle sends question in turn to each astrologer, as they get asked. If you want personal contact with a particular astrologer, please refer to their detail page on this website.

    If I don’t agree with the answer, then what?
    - You are encouraged to rate the astrologer, so that we can ensure quality control. If the answer is wrong or unhelpful, then please feel free to comment, but a refund is only possible if you actually never receive an answer.

    Do you also use my birth chart as well as the horary chart?
    - Yes. Major changes can be seen in the birth chart. Details can be seen in the horary.