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  • ASTROLOGY FOR LOVERS FAQ Copying Data from Horoscope Interpreter to Astrology for Lovers...?
    The Data directories from the new 32 bit versions of our programs are unfortunately not compatible.

    Interpretation Window not visible...?
    Sometimes during the calculation the Interpretation Window seems to disappear. You can always find it by clicking on View/Interpretation Window. For the best display, we recommend you do the following:
    1. Maximize your screen
    2. Click Window then Tile
    3. Go into Settinfs and Save as Your Standard
    4. Select Save Settings on Exit

    How does the Time Unknown function work...?
    This function is designed to make horoscopes as accurate as possible, when the birth time is unknown. Zero degrees of the Sun Sign is placed on the Ascendant, the horoscope is calculated for Noon, and planets are displayed in solar, equal houses.