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Horoscope Interpreter
Developed by astrologer Adrian Ross Duncan, Horoscope Interpreter has been the world's best selling astrology interpretation software since 1995.

No knowledge of astrology necessary - this software comes with every function fully automated.

200,000 CDs have been sold in 12 different languages.

Horoscope interpreter software is available in Danish, German, Norwegian, Swedish, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch
Installation instructions for World of Wisdom software
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  • Astrology software from WOW distinguishes itself from other horoscope software, because no previous knowledge of astrological techniques is required.
    If your goal is understanding of yourself and your life path, than our CDs or shareware provide the perfect tool for you.
    If you are a student of astrology, you'll find World of Wisdom software to be a tutor and companion on your way to become a skilled astrologer.


  • Dear Adrian,

    Thank you so much for your prompt reply, and for the correct codes! You are a very gifted and generous man, and a fine Cancerian! I honestly use WOW every day, and have never regretted buying it or found any programme that can match it, and I?ve looked at a lot.

    All the best,

    Steve Oakes
  • Wow - thanks for the help! It worked fine, and I was able to click and drag over my transit analysis capabilities from some old backup files. It's been a very good program over the years...
    Jim Lee
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Available Languages : English, Dansk, German, Norwegian, Swedish, Spanish
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Horoscope Interpreter Horoscope Interpreter

Dynamic Analysis stops at 2006...?
You can make a transit analysis for any period from 1500 to 2099. Click onOptions, then Dynamic Analysis. At the top you will see the period of years to analyze. Simply write any other 1 to 3 year period in this box - and off you go.

How do I backup my Data...?
Whenever you reinstall the program you should copy important files to a safe place. When you add names and birthdata they are stored in files in the DATA directory beginning with "Name". These files are:
Name.db, Name.mb, Name.px, Namegrps.db, Namegrps.xg0, Namegrps.yg0

If you have also added new towns, adjusted Time Zones or Summer Times, then these are stored in the DATA directory in the following files:
Places.db, Places.px, summer.db, summer.px, zone.db, zone.px, zoneid.db, zoneid.px, zoneid.xg0
We recommend you store the whole DATA directory on your hard disk if you have sufficient space.

No MC position with Equal House system...?
It`s true that WOW programs do not cater for the Equal House system. This is because the Interpretation facilities would not work with the MC and 10th house cusp being in different places. You can calculate the horoscope in Placidus and write the MC/IC positions in manually if you wish.

Font Problem: Strange symbols appear on the Horoscope...?
When the planet symbols don`t appear on the horoscope wheel, you`ve got font problems! This is actually no fault of the World of Wisdom program, and is to do with the fact that there are many fonts on the machine and our fonts have either been "pushed out" or simply couldn`t be installed.

It`s quite simple to manually install WOW fonts.
1. Fonts need to be installed from the CD or shareware so you should locate them on the WOW folder.
2. Open up the Fonts window from Control Panel. Make sure the two WOW fonts are not in it. If they are, remove them by right-clicking on the fonts, then on Properties, then on Delete.
3. Choose File, on the menu bar, then Install New Font...
4. The ADD FONTS window opens.
5. Find the two WOW fonts in the TEMP directory.
6. When they appear in the font window, click on them both and click OK
7. The fonts will now be installed in WINDOWS/SYSTEM/FONTS.
Restart WOW and you should be in business.

How do I update the Atlas...?
If you wish to edit the Atlas, this is what to do:
For editing Time Zones:
1. Click on Options/Atlas then selecting the Time Zone Tab.
2. Use the Search button to select the country/state
3. Click on the line next to History of Time Zones, highlighting the line
4. Click on the Down arrow. (The highlighted line will disappear)
5. Correct the Time Zone value
6. Click the Up arrow.
7. Click on Save and Close.

For editing Summer Times:
1. Click on Options/Atlas then selecting the Summer Time Tab.
2. Use the Search button to select the country/state
3. Click on the line next to History of Summer Times, highlighting the line
4. Click on the Down arrow. (The highlighted line will disappear)
5. Correct the Summer Time value
6. Click the Up arrow.
7. Click on Save and Close.

Summer Times incorrect after year 2000...?
The Summer Time table is not updated in 2010 and beyond. You can either subtract an hour from the birth time or edit the Atlas. (Se above)

Time Zone incorrect for Ohio...?
There is an error in the Time Zone Table for Ohio. You can correct it manually in the following way:
1. Click on Options/Atlas then selecting the Time Zone Tab.
2. Use the Search button to select the country/state
3. Add the following data to the "Time Zone Start Date": (Day) = 1 (Month) 1 (Year) = 1919
4. Add the following data to "Time Zone Value": (Hours) = 5 (Minutes) = 0 (E/W)= W
5. Click the Up arrow.
6. Click on Save and Close

A.M. and P.M. times...?
World of Wisdom programs use the 24-hour clock, not the a.m./p.m. system. Morning births are the same as a.m. but if you are born in the afternoon, you`ll need to add 12 hours to the p.m. time. For example:
3.20 p.m. = 15.20, or 11.30 p.m. = 23.30

World of Wisdom Astrology Software

Copying Data from Horoscope Interpreter to Astrology for Lovers...?
The Data directories from the new 32 bit versions of our programs are unfortunately not compatible.

Interpretation Window not visible...?
Sometimes during the calculation the Interpretation Window seems to disappear. You can always find it by clicking on View/Interpretation Window. For the best display, we recommend you do the following:
1. Maximize your screen
2. Click Window then Tile
3. Go into Settinfs and Save as Your Standard
4. Select Save Settings on Exit

How does the Time Unknown function work...?
This function is designed to make horoscopes as accurate as possible, when the birth time is unknown. Zero degrees of the Sun Sign is placed on the Ascendant, the horoscope is calculated for Noon, and planets are displayed in solar, equal houses.

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